Goranga | Enjoy Tokyo 2020 and Japanese Culture At a Go!
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Enjoy Tokyo 2020 and Japanese Culture At a Go!

All about Tokyo – the host of Olympics & Paralympics 2020

The stage is set for the biggest sporting event as Olympics finds its home in Tokyo for the second time. With over 200 participant nations & thousands of athletes who have been practicing rigorously since the last games with just one goal set in their mind – Claim to gold & glory in Tokyo 2020 and prove their metal to the world.

So what is new about Olympics 2020     

Already being called the most innovative games since their inception, Tokyo 2020 is definitely going to raise the bars real high. Six new & returning games shall make their way to the games this year. In fact, Tokyo is proud to extend its warm hospitality to sportsmen, dignitaries, and visitors for two major events back-to-back, 2020 Summer Olympics and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, celebrating one unified 45-days festival of sports. Tokyo is keen on making the city very accessible for the differently abled during the event plus is the only city to host Paralympics twice in the history. Japan has shown the world how modern technology can be used to benefit and improve the lives of a greater lot. The organizing committee plans on introducing Human Support & Delivery Support robots to assist the wheelchair bound spectators, guiding people & providing any sorts of information.

Top recommendations for your travel itinerary

Besides cheering for your best Olympian and witnessing the wonders of modern technology, the archipelago of Japan has a lot to offer to the visitors in its platter (check-out our recommended tours to opt for Tokyo here). The country is decked up in different attires of vibrant colors to signify each season separately. Winter dresses up the island nation in impeccable white, wherein the colorful autumn leaves adorn the nation in vibrant hues. Likewise, summer and spring bring out the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Now, Summer Olympics 2020 will start from the 24th of July and end on the 9th of August, wherein the Paralympics is scheduled for the 25th of August 2020.  The capital city of Japan will be hosting the two grand events of the year, back-to-back. The venue plan for the tournaments consists of two thematic and operational zones – the ‘Heritage Zone’ and the ‘Tokyo Bay Zone’. The chosen venues uphold the rich history and the exciting future of the city, presenting a sumptuous treat for the visitors. The capital city Tokyo alone offers myriad hot spots for tourists to enjoy during the sports event, such as –

  • Tokyo Skytree in Sumida, Tokyo – It is a broadcasting and observation tower that rises to a height of 634m and is divided into 29 floors. The tower houses an observatory and a restaurant at its highest level to give a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Also, a large shopping structure occupying the lowest levels will be a treat for the shopaholics.
  • Tokyo Tower – An Eiffel Tower inspired lattice structure is painted white and international orange, complying with air-safety regulations. Rising to a height of 333m, the tower is a communications and observation center in the Shiba-Koen district of Minato, Tokyo. It is the second tallest structure in Japan.
  • Odaiba – The man-made artificial island of Odaiba is a high-tech entertainment hub, situated in Tokyo Bay. The island is easily accessible via the Rainbow Bridge or by boarding the futuristic Yurikamome train. You can enjoy the sandy beaches at Seaside Park, or take in the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji from the Daikanransha Ferris wheel and be a part of interactive sessions with AI-robots at the Miraikan science museum. Malls like Aqua-city and Venus Fort gives you the pleasure of shopping and sushi bars will be a real treat for your taste buds.
  • Tokyo Disneyland – This is a 115-acre theme park built at the Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, near Tokyo. The park presents a whole new world for the toddlers and kids to explore. And, for your information, this is the first Disney Park to be built outside the United States.
  • Imperial Palace – This is where the Emperor of Japan primarily resides and the property comprises of the main palace, private residences of the Imperial Family, an archive, museums, and main administrative offices. The palace which is surrounded by a lush green park is located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo.
  • Senso-Ji – The ancient Buddhist temple of Senso-Ji is a standing example of Japanese Buddhist architecture and is located in Asakusa, Tokyo. It is one of the oldest and most significant temples in the entire country. (Check out our walking tour here)
  • Fuji – This is the famous active volcano that is situated at about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. Mt Fuji is popularly known as ‘Fuji-san’. It is the country’s tallest peak that rises to a height of 33,776 meters above sea level. Summit hikes is a popular activity here for you to try.

And, if your time and budget permits, then you can dedicate the remaining days in exploring the culture, beauty, and the gastronomy of rest of Japan.

Following are some of the other top recommendations for your travel itinerary –

  • Kyoto – Initially the capital of Japan, the city of Kyoto is located on the island of Honshu and is the site for numerous Buddhist temples, gardens, palaces, traditional wooden houses, and Shinto shrines.
  • Nara – Nara, another city located in south-central Honshu, is the capital of Japan’s Nara Prefecture. This is the hiding place for 8th-century temples and artworks. Get a glimpse of deer roaming the Nara Park or bow down your head in respect when visiting the 15m high Bronze Buddha at Todai-Ji temple.
  • Arashiyama – This is a small district located on the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan and is a nationally designated Historic site, well-known for its spectacular Bamboo groves and scenic beauty.

All we are saying is combine your Olympic trip with the best things to do in Japan for a truly enigmatic, soul-enriching experience.

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